NOTE: Where my name is in bold authors are listed in alphabetical order.

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Synergistic Activities

Program Committee Member of International Conferences

  • Semantic Technologies in Smart Information Sharing and Web Collaboration Conference Track (Web2Touch 2018) @ the 27th IEEE WETICE Conference (WETICE 2018), Paris, France.
  • APSEC (Short Papers and Posters) 2017, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.
  • Semantic Technologies in Smart Information Sharing and Web Collaboration Conference Track (Web2Touch 2017) @ the 26th IEEE WETICE Conference (WETICE 2017), Poznan, Poland.
  • Modelling the Collaborative Web Knowledge Conference Track (Web2Touch 2016) @ the 25th IEEE WETICE Conference (WETICE 2016), Paris, France.


  • PeerJ Computer Science
  • SIGCSE 2018
  • ICSE 2017
  • APSEC 2016

Invited Talks

  • Panelist for the PEPPER project (interview) “Interdisciplinary Research by means of Model Checking”, Oxford Brookes University, Wheatley Campus, Oxford, United Kingdom, 7th January 2016
  • “Two (Unusual) Applications of Model Checking: Wiki Evolution and Design Pattern(s) Mining”, Technische Universität München, Institut für Informatik, Munich, Germany, 22nd October 2015
  • “An Unusual Context for Formal Verification: Wiki Evolution”, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Bologna, Italy, 9th September 2015